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Does the BD-DVD works on all kinds of TV’s?
On top of images, there is a large quantity of text on the BD-DVD.
The display in ‘widescreen’ is optimized for all plasma and LCD flat screens as well as computer screens.

The BD-DVD also works on standard TV screens but if the TV is very old, the text might be impossible to read due to the mediocre quality of the screen.
For best quality of written material, it is recommended to plug you DVD player in s-video, component or HDMI.

We can’t be held responsible for the bad quality of the BD-DVD if your TV is too old or if plugged in video mode only (yellow plug - RCA type).

Does the BD-DVD wok on all kinds of DVD players?
The BD-DVD works on regular and on computer DVD players. However, it is possible that it won’t work if the DVD player is 5 year old or older.

Does the BD-DVD work in Europe?
The BD-DVD is currently in NTSC format. A PAL version will be available. However, if your system can play NTSC DVD, the BD-DVD will work.

Is the BD-DVD zone free?
Yes it is.


How can I navigate in the DVD if the DVD player software of my computer does not have arrows like the remote-control?
The BD-DVD part of the DVD has invisible buttons. On the picture put your mouse and click either on the left to back-up or on the right to move forward. However, clicking right in the center will get you out of the BD-DVD. Also note that the state of your cursor will change over a clickable area.


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