Terik Ryder - la BD animée Terik Ryder - la BD animée Terik Ryder - la BD animée Terik Ryder - la BD animée Terik Ryder - la BD animée
Escouade tactique d'urgence

Terik Ryder, the comic you can read, watch and hear!

A new family entertainment!

You are working for a school and you want young people keeping the taste of reading? Terik Ryder is made for you.

This motion comic merges multimedia and reading. If you have any question, feel free to contact us through the contact page and we'll answer to your questions shortly. Thank you.

A science fiction adventure
An all new world of adventures is opening to you. The Emergency Tactical Unit (E.T.U.), established by the supreme council, is a team of experienced and talented people protecting life on this inhospitable planet.

These life saviours are fighting against elements to maintain and preserve security inside the domes. Whatever the nature of the danger, they struggle to allow human life to exist in the depths of this burning ocean.

Our new heroes bring you right in the middle of thrilling adventures. Terik, Netty, Romano, Karman, Eria and Zac brave danger to help people.

Join Terik Ryder’s team!

Escouade tactique d'urgence

BD-DVD, le concept
Les amateurs de bande dessinée et des nouveaux médias seront comblés.
Le meilleur des deux mondes réunis dans un seul projet palpitant. La bande dessinée est incluse sous forme de livret que vous pouvez lire tranquillement assis dans votre lit ou dans le bus tandis que le DVD offre, en plus de la BD, des bonus qui raviront les amateurs.

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BD-DVD Terik Ryder

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